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Mrz 24 2008

Transforming SOAP-Messages with XSLT

In this blog you can read how you can modify SOAP-Messages using XSL Transformation (XSLT). It is the continuation of the previous two blog-entrys How to modify JAX-WS SOAP-Messages and Creating generic SOAP Web Services. I am using the NetBeans 6 – Project from the blog-entry Creating SOAP Web Services with NetBeans 6 to demonstrate the transformed SOAP-Request.

Download-links to all files are available at the end of this blog.


In my previous blog Creating generic SOAP Web Services i have shown a theoretic way to modify SOAP-Messages for your needs. The key for success was using XSLT for the transformations. In this blog i am using XSLT 2.0 for transformations.

Take a look at the Creating SOAP Web Services with NetBeans 6-project. The incoming request must look like this to work:

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Mrz 16 2008

Creating generic SOAP Web Services

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This blog is about how a generic soap web service can work. It is a productive concept which i have developed for a real world application. I tried to keep this basic concept as simple as possible.

In a future blog-entry, i will show a NetBeans example for this. Please be patient, it takes much time to create it.

Consider this scenario, you are creating a SOAP Web Service which has only one operation, it is called “processOperation()“. The Request for this operation needs 4 data type elements:

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