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Mai 16 2011

How to create a Grails Web Service with a Selenium Test

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Jun 29 2008

Contract First Web Services with Spring 2 and JAX-WS

This short blog entry will show you how easily you can integrate JAX-WS into a Spring 2 Project. The example sourcecode is depending on my previous blog How to modify JAX-WS SOAP-Messages and i am using NetBeans 6.1.


Download the JAX-WS commons and XBean.

Transform the SOAP Web Services Project into a Spring Project

First open the Non-Spring-Project “How to modify JAX-WS SOAP-Messages“, switch to the project-properties and add the XBean, JAX-WS commons and Spring Framework 2.5 JAR-files.

add jar files to netbeans project

You can see in this picture which JAR-files have to be included in the project:

jar files in the netbeans project

Now you have to create the Spring Configuration file. Create the new XML-file: /WEB-INF/applicationContext.xml. If you are using NetBeans 6.1, navigate to File->New File->Spring Framework->Spring XML Configuration File.

create a new spring configuration file in netbeans 6.1

Replace the content with this:


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Mrz 08 2008

How to modify JAX-WS SOAP-Messages

This blog is depending on my previous blog Creating SOAP Web Services with NetBeans 6. You can download the needed sourcecode there.

Here i will show how you can modify the JAX-WS SOAP-Message before the outgoing SOAP-Response will pass the specified Web Service Operation. This is sometimes necessary, when some recipients want to receive their own special SOAP-Headers. You can also modify the incoming Request to read special informations, which are included in the SOAP-Header, but this is not part of this posting (maybe i will show it in an other upcoming blog).

For this example i am using JAX-WS 2.1 with NetBeans 6.0 .

This is the core-class of this example. Before the Request/Response pass the
Web Service Operation, it can be handled here in the method

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