Jan 25 2013

Enable Mac OSX 10.8.x Retina Support in Adobe DAY CQ5 CRXDE

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Working with CRXDE is nasty enough and without support for the great Retina Display on a MacBook Pro it is very disappointing. So let’s activate it and have some more fun with CRXDE.

First locate the file “Info.plist” inside the folder “../CRXDE.app/Contents/”

Locate "Info.plist"

Open it and insert this snippet


just above the lines


This is the result of the file “Info.plist”:

Result of the changes


Now open a Terminal, and use the “touch CRXDE.app/”-command to invalidate the cache of OSX.


Start your CRXDE and enjoy the Retina support.

Running CRXDE with Retina Support

Have a lot of fun with CQ5 !

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