Dez 01 2009

Fixed the Plugin “EclipseMode” for IntelliJ IDEA 9

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Update: Works perfectly with the new IDEA 10 ! Have a lot of fun with it :)

The IDEA-Plugin EclipseMode, originally developed by Alexey Efimov for the Java-IDE IntelliJ IDEA, is useful for activating incremental compilation (well-known from Eclipse). It is working fine for IDEA 8 but not for IDEA 9. So i have fixed a bug in this plugin and it is now working with IDEA 9.0 Beta and IDEA 92.65.


Download and extract the plugin-archive into the IDEA 9-Subdirectory plugins.



Start IDEA 9 and open the Application Settings (press STRG+ALT+S). Navigate to plugins and search there for EclipseMode. Activate it and restart IDEA.

IDEA 9 Settings

IDEA 9 Settings

Open again the Application Settings and you see inside the IDE Settings the new entry Eclipse Mode. Activate it.

Enable incremental compilation

Enable incremental compilation

When you now change any class and save it, it will be immediately compiled. Errors are shown inside the Messages-Window.

Plugin Example

Plugin Example

That’s it. If you have any comments, drop a line below.

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7 Responses to “Fixed the Plugin “EclipseMode” for IntelliJ IDEA 9”

  1. Alexey Efimov sagt:


    If you wan’t i can add you here: as commiter, and here: as plugin author. You will be able to make changes in code and publish updates more easy way :)

    Just write me to at gmail you login on google and login on


  2. Tadashi Murakami sagt:

    Great job!
    Your fixed plugin successfully works on IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.3.

    It seems that you are a member of the plugin authors now.
    Would you update the plugin to the web page?

  3. Anatoly sagt:

    It seems that plug-in does compilation always – after every single movement, not on the ctrl-s pressing. May be something wrong with my IDE settings? I done everything exact as in the instruction. Please, help!

  4. The plugin does compilation when you save your files OR lose the focus of the IDEA-Window (switching to an other running Application).

  5. Manfed sagt:

    Does not work with IDEA 10.0.2.

  6. Sola sagt:

    it works on 10.0.2