Mai 17 2009

Create iPhone-apps with a Mac OS X VMware Machine

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Normally you need an Apple Mac with the Leopard Operating System to program iPhone applications, but it is possible to do this with a Windows or Linux PC. All you need is to install Mac OS X 10.5.x in a Virtual Machine (i used VMware) and install there the iPhone SDK

iPhone SDK

iPhone SDK

You need at least 2 GB RAM and 30 GB HDD for the Virtual Machine. The Host-CPU should be a Dual Core with 2 GHz or OS X would run very slowly.

The following screenshots are taken from my Sony Notebook with Windows Vista (1600×900 Resolution), where i programmed my first iPhone app, a NetBeans RSS Feed Reader.

VMware Settings

VMware Settings

Launching Mac OS X

Launching Mac OS X

VMware running in Fullscreen (1440x900)

VMware running in Fullscreen (1440x900)

Safari Browser

Safari Browser

Launching XCode 3.1

Launching XCode 3.1

The Interface Builder for iPhone apps

The Interface Builder for iPhone apps

Opened XCode Project "NetBeans RSS Reader"

Opened XCode Project 'NetBeans RSS Reader'

iPhone Simulator with running app

iPhone Simulator with running app

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25 Responses to “Create iPhone-apps with a Mac OS X VMware Machine”

  1. glv sagt:

    did you try to install iPhone SDK 3.0? Looks like you can not anymore submit to iPhone App Store unless you tested on 3.0. I read that you need OS X 10.5.6 for SDK 3.0.
    Another question, how is speed of your OS X? Mine (10.5.5 on vmware workstation 6.5.1) is so slow that I did not even try to install SDK.

    • No i don’t tried to install SDK 3.0. I am still using 2.2.1 and you can submit apps without testing to 3.0 . The speed is little slower than on a real Mac, you have to turn off all visual effects and deactivate as much Windows processes as you can. The VM eats much CPU-power and RAM.

  2. MacDenis sagt:

    hi, where can i to download the vm image? is Xelabo Image?
    or another?

  3. McDenis sagt:

    Can you upload by rapidshare or another file server your image with the SDK? because i can run the sdk in my image.

  4. @McDenis
    It is a modified Xelabo Image. Sorry no chance to upload this.

  5. McDenis sagt:

    i have the Xelabo’s image but dont run Xcode 3.
    you can create a torrent and seed it without upload it.

    what you think?

  6. McDenis sagt:

    what is your kind of cpu 32 or 64 bits?
    # MB of memory (real)?

    another config.

  7. Blaker sagt:

    Hey, that’s just great! You finally manged to run xcode 3.1.
    Does xelabo’s image update normally to 10.5.7?
    In what way did you modify the original image to achieve it?

  8. I am using a Vista Ultimate sp2 64bit on a Intel Core 2 Duo T9550 2,66GHz with 4GB RAM. I have no problems using OS 2.2.1 and upgraded last week to OS 3.0 . This was hard stuff, had much errors but found some solutions in the www.

  9. j.m. sagt:

    I’m just getting into all this, is there any way you can post links to not only the VM but also the dev tools?

    Much appreciated.


  10. Toto sagt:

    Looking for Mac OS 10.5.7 VMWare Image to be able to install SDK 3.0. I have a 10.5.5 working machine but when I update to 10.5.7 using apple update I got an error when rebooting.

    Any can upload

  11. Faiz sagt:

    Hey Siegfried Bolz,
    Even i want to use mac on my pc but when i load virtual machine through vmware i get boot1 error. Any help would be appreciated.

  12. I have gotten the latest SDK (3.0) to work on Mac OS 10.5.x without needing to upgrade to 10.5.7.

    I have written up instructinons here.

  13. Pip sagt:

    I am looking to install mac OSX 10.5 on my VAIO so i can develop an iPhone application for my uni dissertation project and Iam struggling to get it off the ground. Is there a walkthrough for getting it to run anywhere? any help would be much appreciated, cheers

  14. halunke sagt:

    I have a Mac OS 10.5.7 VMWare Image, editing the SystemInfo.plist to 10.5.7, installed iPhone SDK (incl xcode) 3.1. But if I want start xcode now, it crashes.

    Does anyone now why?

    you can see this at


  15. Thank you …u don’t know how long I’ve been looking for this !!
    One more thing…..can this work with AMD Processors because i read on that you must have an intel based CPU.

  16. xdios sagt:


    There happens to my tb the same as to halunke, you can raise please your image with the sdk of Iphone running, since it gives us problems to the moment to install it, he would be grateful for it to you



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  18. Albert Nietsnie sagt:

    For a new and improved way of booting any Mac OS X guest in any VMware product on any Intel-based physical machine, see .

  19. Balaji R sagt:

    Hi Guys
    I am having one doubt using VMWare Server.
    I have developed applications using VMWare Server. Can i submit these applications to App Store? Is there any chance to apple that it can find the application is developed in VMWare Server and apple will reject this applications?
    Can any one please tell me?

  20. Nathan B sagt:

    @Balaji R, the answer is no. Mac OS X runs in a virtualized environment, and as long as you sign your code with an Apple certificate, they have no way of knowing that you created it on a virtual machine.

  21. [...] effort. I’m sure a LOT of people have done this before, but theres nothing on Google! A guy posted how to get the 3.0 SDK working on OS X 10.5, but something must have changed in 10.6.2 & SDK 4.1. Maybe its possible to extract and [...]

  22. aha sagt:

    the thing that i was trying to know is…:: is it possible to run the vmware image of mac os x on sony laptops (duh, stupid question !!) ?? Because, afaik, to do so you need to have hardware virtualization support which sony notebooks dont have. Am i missing a point ? I have a sony vaio. Was really wishing to get to run mac os on vm !

    any help ?


  23. ATom79 sagt:

    - Here’s an idea. Rhohub is the fastest and best solution for creating iPhone apps on Windows – All you need to do is set up a free account and you can start building native apps online for all smartphones without the hassle of installing all the SDKs locally. Try it out and see for yourself.

  24. Corey Engle sagt: has also been a breeze for me. I got my first app in the App Store within weeks.