Mai 23 2008

Facelets Support Modules for NetBeans 6.1

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I have build manually the Facelets Support Modules for NetBeans 6.1. You can download them here:

To install the Modules, navigate in NetBeans to Tools -> Plugins -> Downloaded, hit Add Plugins and choose the modules. Click on Install to start the installation.

Facelets Support Modules for NetBeans 6.1

Updated for NetBeans 6.1 Build 200804211638

If you have trouble installing the newest Patch2, than uninstall the current Facelets Modules, restart NetBeans, run the Update and after that, install this new Facelets-Version.

642-845 and EX0-101 are advanced exams supported by 642-552 series and hence all the 70-294 and 70-647 students have to clear these exams to qualify for the next stage.

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5 Responses to “Facelets Support Modules for NetBeans 6.1”

  1. I want to rebuild the module (modify , add new features) , can you zip all inside nbfaceletssupport dir and put here to download ?

  2. Yes i can do, here is your download-link click

  3. sri sagt:

    i guess the link to download the module is broken. its opening some google ads in IE. can you please fix the link

  4. Luitgy sagt:

    Can you fix the link??? Please

  5. Hello Luitgy, the link is valid download