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Jul 18 2011

SBQueue – An Objective-C Queue for iOS 4.3

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Because of the missing NSQueue, i have developed my own Queue equivalent. You can download it for free there (click). I have added some Unit Tests to make sure the Queue is working.

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Apr 30 2011

Simple Validation-Framework for UITextField & UITextView -Fields

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Table of contents

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Mrz 23 2011

Read some interesting data from your iDevice with iOS 4.3

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Ever tried to read some interesting data like the Serial Number, IMEI, Phone Number… from your iPhone (or an other iDevice) ? Some data is easy to access, some other uses not supported API calls. I have written a simple App which can read the above mentioned data. You can download it here (click)

The App looks like this:

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Mai 26 2009

NetBeans RSS Reader – My first iPhone application released !

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netbeansrssreaderlogo  iphone

I have developed and released my first iPhone Application in the iTunes-Store for free, it is an RSS Feed Reader for the following two feeds:

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Mai 17 2009

Create iPhone-apps with a Mac OS X VMware Machine

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