Jan 25 2013

Enable Mac OSX 10.8.x Retina Support in Adobe DAY CQ5 CRXDE

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Working with CRXDE is nasty enough and without support for the great Retina Display on a MacBook Pro it is very disappointing. So let’s activate it and have some more fun with CRXDE.

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Jul 18 2011

SBQueue – An Objective-C Queue for iOS 4.3

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Because of the missing NSQueue, i have developed my own Queue equivalent. You can download it for free there (click). I have added some Unit Tests to make sure the Queue is working.

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Mai 16 2011

How to create a Grails Web Service with a Selenium Test

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Table of contents

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Apr 30 2011

Simple Validation-Framework for UITextField & UITextView -Fields

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Table of contents

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Mrz 23 2011

Read some interesting data from your iDevice with iOS 4.3

Published by under iPhone

Ever tried to read some interesting data like the Serial Number, IMEI, Phone Number… from your iPhone (or an other iDevice) ? Some data is easy to access, some other uses not supported API calls. I have written a simple App which can read the above mentioned data. You can download it here (click)

The App looks like this:

[caption id="attachment_557" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="ReadIDevice-App"]ReadIDevice-App[/caption]

Reading common data is very easy, this is the Code for the UniqueIdentifier, iDevice Name, System Name, System Version and Model:

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Jan 17 2010

Use Generators to create boilerplate code in GWT 2.0

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google web toolkit

Table of contents

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Dez 10 2009

Experiences with the migration from GWT 1.7.1 to 2.0

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google web toolkit

With the release of GWT 2.0 there are several new features (like Code Splitting, Compiler improvements, faster development mode) introduced and i decided to make a test run on my current enterprise project to see what have changed in this points:

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Dez 01 2009

Fixed the Plugin “EclipseMode” for IntelliJ IDEA 9

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Nov 11 2009

Create a GWT Application from Scratch

Many people are asking (especially in the GWT Group) how to create a GWT Application for their favourite IDE. In this blog i will show you how to do this for Eclipse, NetBeans and IntelliJ IDEA.

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Okt 15 2009

Solve the circular reference problem with Guice and Spring

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The problem

Just imagine you run into a case where two objects are dependent on each other. The following picture and code snippet shows one such relationship.
[caption id="attachment_385" align="aligncenter" width="270" caption="Circular reference problem"]Circular reference problem[/caption]


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